Our Story - How We Leveraged DE&I Strategies to Launch a Christian Employee Resource Group

Our Founders, Tim Billingsley and Jack McEowen work together at a Fortune 500 company and for many years were running from God. Tim was an Alcoholic whose social network in the workplace revolved around drinking friends. Jack was an atheist and worked against Christians in the workplace.

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Both Tim and Jack encountered Christ in a “Road to Damascus” way which radically changed both of their lives. Each felt alone in their new identity until God reconnected them after several years to find their old friend gone and a new creation born again through faith in Jesus Christ.

Tim and Jack would secretly meet together at work events and fellowship rather than go out with their old crowds. At one sizeable Corporate event in 2019, they decided to invite the 4-5 Christians each of them knew to meet for breakfast and talk about Jesus. Word spread, and 46 people showed up that morning to break bread and talk about Jesus.

They knew they were onto something big. There was a burning desire from Christians to connect in the workplace. Working for a large conservative organization proved to be challenging to get formal support for a “recognized” ERG that had a Faith designation. All the while, the Group grew organically and unofficially, and the Holy Spirit was moving in the workplace.

And Along Came DE&I

A company initiative to bring Inclusion into the workplace was the perfect catalyst to bring Christ into the conversation. You simply cannot ask employees to “bring their full selves to work” and not include Faith in that conversation.

After nearly a year and a half of business plans, support from external resources, and countless calls to align on the design, development, and launch, Tim and Jack were officially given the green light to launch a Christian Employee Resource Group.

Today the “Christian Fellowship Group” has hundreds of members and is making a positive impact in the workplace through discipleship, mentoring, Bible Study, Prayer Groups, and quite simply, showing the light and love of Christ in the workplace.

There are hundreds of these types of Groups out there, and we want to give you free help so you can le our learnings and blueprint to launch your own Christian Employee Resource Group.

It’s Legal. It’s Possible. And it’s what we’re called to do. Contact us today.


Tim Billingsley

Tim Billingsley lives in the Columbus, Ohio area with his Wife Heather and 2 young children. Tim serves as a Sales VP for a large Fortune 500 Industrial Distributor. He’s a Member of Sycamore Creek Church and serves in multiple ministries including the Worship Team, Guest Services, and Addiction Ministry.
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Jack McEowen

Jack McEowen lives in Aynor, SC with his wife of 24 years, Kari, and their son. Jack serves as a Sales Leader for a Fortune 500 company. He is a member of The Rock Church where he serves as an Elder.